On Being a Submissive

Do I deserve a treat?

I lost 2.5lbs this week, and I’ve followed the rules, so this afternoon I asked if Sir thought I deserved a treat.

I figured, it can’t hurt to ask right?? And I’m feeling horny… I mean like I want an orgasm and Sirs cock inside me really bad!

This weeks been hectic and we didn’t do the midweek cane session. We did talk, but Mr H didn’t feel like doing the cane work, so we didn’t.

Feeling low

I know that when we don’t do these things it affects my mental state. I begin to feel distant or down, but this week it seemed worse. Perhaps because last weekend we had some intense play, with the rope, squealer and doxy combined. I’m guessing of course but I felt like I started to crash a little.

The cane sessions during the week not only help to keep my endorphins ticking over, but it also seems to help me keep my focus and stay calm during the week. But, I didn’t think that it had any affect or particular benefit for Mr H, until this week.

At the same time, as I started to feel low, Mr H also seemed to crash. Friday evening he said he felt “meh”. Now I know this isn’t an actual word, but I guess the closest description would be apathetic, or filled with a sense of “I just can’t be bothered”.

He admitted that he’d missed it. I wonder if because it was postponed from Wednesday to Thursday evening and then Thursday evening Mr H didn’t feel like it again, it affected his focus. That he perhaps felt like he hadn’t made the effort and had disappointed himself and or me? I don’t know I’m speculating here, and it’s possible I’m 100 miles off the mark, but Mr H was definitely out of sorts yesterday.

Even though our son went out last night we lay in bed and went to sleep early. Not really even touching.

Getting back on track.

We talked a little this morning as I snuggled up to him (after the cat had woken us up scratching outside the bedroom door). He allowed me to touch his cock with my hand, and, as I stroked him I felt myself getting aroused as he hardened to my touch. I used both hands to gently stroke his length tip to base, revelling in the feel of him. I’d missed this so much. Then he asked me if I wanted to suck his cock. I told him that yes I did. Very much. So he said I could.

My pussy immediately responded, I felt myself open, heat flooding me and I was wet. I moved to take him in my mouth, licking my lips and his tip, taking him in gently. I held the base of his cock and slid my mouth down his shaft. I felt him slide into my throat and pulled back until I could lick his tip still keeping him in my mouth.

Over and over I repeated with a steady rhythm, the way he likes me to.

His hand touched my head and I felt him as he gathered my hair into his hand. Using it he began to control the rhythm. He moaned and my pussy twitched. I love it when he moans. He used my mouth to take his pleasure, I was an oral masturbator toy, pushing my head down and pulling it up as he wished.

He came in my mouth and I savoured the taste of him. Knowing he had used me. Knowing he wanted me. It fills me with satisfaction.

I snuggled back into his side and said “thank you Sir, I feel much better now” and I did. I do.

Being used by him in this way, feeds my submissive mind in many ways.

So earlier when I asked if I could have a treat, he responded that hadn’t I already had one today?

Of course I had a reply all ready… after all, how could it be a treat for loosing weight when at the time we didn’t know I had? Makes sense right? Well I think so! And I’m hoping Mr H agrees ….

Our son unfortunately has no plans to go out this evening so Mr H probably won’t get the “doxy” out. But he could get the ropes out. He could get “promises” out. There are many options… he could keep me horny…

I guess I will just have to wait and see…

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


Early morning snuggles

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  1. I think you definitely deserve a treat!! I’m on your side!

  2. bigdirty330 says:

    Sweet girl? I would like to be the judge of that. You could ride my face for hours and you would never stop cumming

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