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Tell Me About – Orgasms

I was 20 before I experienced my first orgasm.  I’d never masturbated before then or even touched myself intimately. I’d been divorced from my first husband for about a year by this time.  I met MrH just before my 21st birthday and it took me about 6 weeks to persuade him into bed.   We had good sex. I enjoyed it and enjoyed our bodies. MrH has always been a considerate lover, but in all honesty I didn’t orgasm every time.

After I asked him to become my Dominant things changed.

He explored my body in a new way and I allowed him to. I let my body respond without thinking and I reached orgasm easily. For me that’s the key. My brain has to switch off. If MrH can get me to move past my inner voice, my attempts to control my thoughts and body, then he can make my body his own.  Since starting our new dynamic, I have discovered that my body is capable of many different types of orgasm.

Types of Orgasm

There are singular orgasms. They build slowly, and when they unfold it feels like my body melts. It’s a physical and emotional release at the same time. I find I experience this type or orgasm from finger/hand fucking, from the vibrator “promises” and from me on top fucking. These orgasms rarely happen more than once during a session.

There are g-spot orgasms. I get these mostly from doggy style sex. If I combine this sex with a wand toy or clitoral toy then I have a dual point orgasm which is really nice.

There are multiple/forced orgasms. These seem to come on quickly, and usually involve a toy. The doxy is brilliant for these and with this MrH can keep my body orgasming for what seems like forever. My whole body quakes and for days afterwards I can feel the muscles ache.

There are squirting orgasms. These are in a way part of a forced orgasm, and I think so far the record is two squirting orgasms in one session.

There are anal orgasms. These feel different again, as the feeling originates in a different place.

My favourite orgasm is the singular, but because I’m greedy what I really really love is forced orgasms followed by the singular.

One of the weird things is that as our dynamic developed, I found I couldn’t masturbate any more. I just don’t get turned on without MrH controlling my arousal. It feels awkward and wrong to try and orgasm without permission and yet he has never actually told me I can’t. I think it’s been part of the mental side of Submission for me. I am his. My body is his. My orgasms are his to command.


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8 thoughts on “Tell Me About – Orgasms”

    1. We’re getting there lol – the hardest thing for him is making sure my brain switches off, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, switches to full submissive mode lol

  1. I can relate to the brain having to switch off to orgasm. Really interesting read sweet, I hadn’t heard the term singular orgasm before so great to learn new vocabulary.

  2. I love the fact there are so many different types and this was something that I hadn’t experienced either until D/s. 🙂

    1. I think we also get the best deal too as MrH says for him orgasm is fleeting and over with quickly whereas we get to enjoy many of them and feel amazing afterwards too!

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