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Hotel break and other things – a little update.

I haven’t written much in the last few days, I haven’t had time. We have had a rather busy time and I have either been asleep or sewing but now things have calmed down I can update you all on what we have been up to.

Christmas Creating.

Some of you may recall I am quite crafty – not like sneaky but in making things. Knitting, crochet and sewing. The last 12 months has seen that develop a little and while I wouldn’t say I have a business1 I have been making new things for people to give as gifts. When I sold my motorbike I bought an embroidery machine, and I have added embroidery to some hats, one for our youngest to give to his girlfriend and one for him. I made an overnight bag for one of my mums friends, two backpacks, and some matching Christmas jumpers for my nieces and sister in law. I also made a baby girls dress and faux fur gilet for another friends granddaughter.

My final Christmas sew was a nursing friendly top for Gem (click the link to view her twitter profile) who agreed to try the top and see if it really is nursing friendly! I got the last of these posted at the weekend and a recent update from Royal Mail informs me they will be delivered today.

In between these things, I also made myself a coat, a dress for the Christmas munch and two warm jumpers. I have been very busy!

Holiday Hotel Stay.

Mr H and I were hoping to meet up with our good friends Lady Chamoix and Baron White Tie for a meal and a catch up but Lady Chamoix came down with a horrid respiratory infection (not covid) and they were unable to make it. We had prepaid our hotel but we cancelled the restaurant booking and were able to update our reservation to include the evening meal.

The hotel receptionist was lovely when we arrived, although I was not thrilled that the disabled access ramp was at least 200 meters from the disabled bay we parked in, and only accessible after going over two speed humps! Any way where was I? Right the lovely receptionist. He asked if we needed an accessible room and I said no. He assigned our room and sent us off to the first floor.

The room was massive, as he had assigned us a family room, which has a sofa bed in it as well as the very large super king. The room was so cold at just 7oC according to the thermostat on the small radiator when I turned it on. I updated the temperature to 30oC and made a hot drink to warm my hands.

After an hour the room was still feeling cold, but we had only an hour left before we needed to get ready for our evening meal and the munch that we decided to get on with play. The bag was opened and lube (yes we remembered it) and various toys were laid out. The Doxy was plugged in and the bed protector spread out. I placed a pillow on the floor and covered with another mat so MrH had the option to have me kneel while he organised his toys.

Letter to Santa Mr H.

Before I go on, I must in fact go back a few days. I sent an email to MrH with some suggestions of things I would like him to consider. This is something he encourages, although I have to remember that this does not mean he will do any of them. That decision lies with him, however having these ideas from me can take some pressure off him to always come up with new ideas.

Please Sir,

I would really like it if we could try the positions that I have thought about a few times and I think could be pleasurable.  I will try to describe them for you.

1.  I am stood leaning over onto the bed, and I have control of the Doxy.  
You penetrate me from behind and I must tell you before I orgasm. 

2. I am kneeling in front of you with control of the Doxy while sucking your cock.  Again I must tell you before I orgasm .

3. I am on the bed in a supported all fours position with control of the Doxy.   You are using impact toys.  I must tell you/ask before orgasm.

4. We go upstairs at Townhouse and you spank me. 

5. You watch me with the Doxy, I must ask permission to orgasm, and you insert fingers into me to see of you can feel the climax. 

I will try my very best to provide feedback on position and movement for any finger play and or toy play.

I would also like it if you could tell me when I do something which you find hot, or a turn on.  

My love, my heart, my all, my husband,  my friend,  my lover, my dominant- I love you so much.

Ps, the above play will all require lube! 

Your Sweetgirl xxxx

Festive Fucking – AKA Keeping Warm.

So the room is set up, we are rather chilly and Mr H stands behind me and begins kissing and biting my neck and shoulders, while holding my face with a hand under my chin so he can move me as needed. After a time he moves me next to the bed and bends me forward so I am able to support myself on the mattress. I hear the lube bottle being pumped and then he applies a liberal amount on my pussy. After wiping his hand on a towel he passes me the Doxy and said, “You have control of this.” I fumbled the controls a little before placing it on me, and beginning to move it.

Now, as cold as it was I was pretty aroused from the kissing and biting and it was probably less than a minute before I asked him if I could come. He granted permission and as I came he thrust his cock into me. He could feel the vibrations from the Doxy on his shaft and balls and within seconds he too climaxed.

I turned off the Doxy and scrambled onto the bed pulling the covers over me – it really was cold!

I must remember to update the little list I made and tick number 3 as tried. I really hope we revisit this one as it was really nice and I think if we were not cold it would be even better.

A Very Merry Munch.

The munch starts at 7pm and we arrived a few minutes before. Having done our Lateral Flow Tests and updated our covid records we got ready to show our negative test results and tickets. This new variant Omicron seems to be spreading like wildfire and although I don’t want to catch it I felt somewhat confident in attending as everyone had to do a test and show a negative result before attending. We sat down and struck up a conversation with two newbies. It was their first times at the munch and they had questions that we were able to answer.

We also saw a lady who follows us on Fetlife and as the conversation flowed the time passed very pleasantly. By the time we headed back to the hotel we were tired and my pain meds were beginning to wear off.


We had a great time at the munch although we were sorry not to get to meet up with our friends. She is now starting to feel better and I message her daily for an update. I had my covid booster the day after and we then received an email saying someone who attended the munch had tested positive for covid. We are now testing daily for 7 days and hoping they continue to be negative. Lady Chamoix messages me for an update on this too. I was relieved that she hadn’t made the effort to come to the munch when we got the notification, as exposure to covid when she is already unwell would have been a huge concern.

So for now we are in the last few days before Christmas. Our youngest is at his girlfriends until Christmas Eve (or Boxing Day he hasn’t decided yet) and our eldest is coming home on the 23rd. We have a few days alone and yesterday Mr H got the rope out for a bit of practice. It has been a while since we did rope work so he was rusty and I kept trying to help – which doesn’t LOL. The end result was a pretty tie, at least I think it is.

I hope you are all well and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas time. If you don’t celebrate Christmas may I wish you a Happy Holiday instead. Be safe as you can be and I’ll be back with another update soon.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


This post is linked to two memes this week. The first is Monochromerotic #61 “Festivities” which is presently being managed by HisLordship while Gem and Purplesole are getting to grips with the new baby. Click HERE to see more posts that have been linked. The second is Wicked Wednesday #499 “Festive Days”. I have taken part in Wicked Wednesday for quite some time now and there are always some excellent prompts and linked posts. It is managed by the fabulous Marie Rebel. Click HERE to visit the site and see all the posts linked this time.

1 I make things for family and friends.


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  1. So sorry to hear someone tested positive after the munch, and I do hope no one else gets it. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and it was a good getaway for you. I am curious about the top you made Gem! Good to see you are still so busy with creating. It soothes the soul 🙂
    Happy Christmas to you and MrH!
    ~ Marie xox

    1. We have tested negative so far and we only had to do it everyday for 7 days.

      The top for Gem has worked well and it fits nicely too.

      Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas too xx

  2. I am sometimes baffled by the nonsensical distance between disabled parking spaces and accessible entrances. ?!? Who designs these things???

    A n y w a y

    It sounds like you enjoyed yourself, once you (literally) went over the bumps!

    1. We did thank you!!!

      And, as for who designs them….. non-disabled people! They really should consult someone or at the very least spend a day in a wheelchair.

      Happy Holidays

  3. The Doxy looks like it may be in for a good time lol
    Sending u wishes for 2022
    May More recently posted…Festive Frolics: Erotic Stories For YouMy Profile

    1. One can only dream ❤

      Wishing you and your family every happiness in 2022 and beyond ❤

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