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Letting His sadist out: A hard hand spanking.

A hand spanking has to be one of the most intimate methods of impact play in BDSM. Not only does the submissive feel it, but so does the dominant. Both Mr H and I like this method but the opportunity to do it doesn’t present itself often. If J is home a hand spanking is too loud – and although the odd swot may be indulged in it isn’t a spanking.

A while ago we agreed Mr H would spank me as hard as he could – just so we could see how loud it would be and how painful. You can read that by clicking HERE if you haven’t already.

The Squealer gets an outing.

We have been fortunate to get a couple of days alone. J has gone to his girlfriends for a few days and so we are enjoying the quiet. Yesterday Mr H got the squealer out for some play time. I got settled and after doing the safety run through of safewords and their meaning he began.

As J wasn’t home Mr H was able to play harder than usual and I was thoroughly thwacked. The squealer makes a wonderful variety of noises as it impacts my body, and surprisingly the ones that sound loudest are not often the ones that hurt the most. It can be both stingy and thuddy so it has a great range for play. I think it was the longest spanking session we have had with this implement and I called yellow towards the end of play as my thighs were not recovering from the blows as quickly as my bottom. The rest of play concentrated on my bum until Mr H ended play. My backside was very red and although Mr H took a picture it doesn’t capture the true appearance.

As we were cuddling afterwards, Mr H said that tomorrow would be a hand spanking. I admit I spent the next 23 hours looking forward to it.

Say Thank You.

Mr H pulled back the bed covers and asked me to get comfortable. We learned early on that after impact play I go cold quickly and we need to cover me quickly, so it is easier to have the quilt ready to be thrown over me rather than having to peel it back first. I positioned myself on all fours, rather than the usual position where I lay flat on my stomach, as I wanted to be able to allow my body to move with the spanks. Again Mr H ran through the safeword checks and asked if I was ready. I said yes.

“After each spank I want you to say Thank You,” he said. I felt a thrill at this, not only because of the Dominance in his tone, but because that made me feel submissive and aroused.

He began. And he wasn’t gentle.

Each spank had me taking a sharp breath in and out before I could say “Thank you.”

Some made my head spin.

Some made my ears ring.

Every spank was deliciously hard and painful.

By the time I said my thank you, that pain had dulled or vanished.

Mr H checked in a couple of times during the spanking. Asking if I was ok, and if my back was ok. Each time I answered I was indeed ok and that my back was not hurting any more than usual.

I don’t know how long the spanking went on for, or how many spanks I got. I do know it was fantastic, and when at the end I looked at Sir he was grinning from ear to ear. He had thoroughly enjoyed it. My backside was once again red, and his hand was feeling it. As he put his wedding ring back on he commented that he needed to do it more so his hands were used to it. Apparently they were a little red, itchy and stinging.

The grin lasted quite a while and I asked him if he had enjoyed letting is sadistic side out. He replied that he hadn’t really let it out, as that side of him would have continued longer, but I think I got a little taste of how much he enjoyed hearing my gasps of pain and the feeling as his hand landed each spank. Today I have a gentle ache in my derrière which is a wonderful reminder of two amazing nights.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. YAY! I am glad you two got some alone time and were able to connect in this way. I had to chuckle when he made a comment about needing to get his hand used to it. Happy holidays, you two!

    1. Me too lol I mean my ass needs to get used to it as well Happy Holidays to you and yours

  2. I do love a good spanking, and you are so very right…when I am being spanked I often wonder and worry about Mistress’s hand and whether it hurts her. She is rather amused by my concern…

    1. I’m sure she gives only what she wants to!

  3. […] chat nights, and we discussed the two impact sessions. Mr H told me he had indeed liked it when the hand spanking had made me gasp and cry out a little. “That’s when I started to smile,” he […]

  4. It’s so lovely to read this, Sweet! Glad you two are getting back in the swing of things!
    ~ Marie xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted…Christmas, diaries and a bullet journalMy Profile

    1. Yes the swing of things indeed! Mrh couldn’t really get a good swing because of how close I was. Imagine the bruises if he could use his whole arm?!

      Sweetgirl x

  5. […] often, in fact the last week alone, we have managed three sessions. At the munch Mr H gave me a hand spanking, which was thoroughly enjoyable, and then the next evening at home he got the cane out for some […]

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