On Being a Submissive

I’m going out….

Our son went out last night.  Mr H was in the bath when he made the announcement, so we had no plans.   Thursday night we had our Wednesday cane session, as it was postponed, but my first thought as he left was “I wonder if Mr H would get the squealer out.”

The squealer was a gift from HisLordship, a hand made leather strap in a wooden handle. We don’t use it often as it makes quite a nice (loud) sound on impact and just like Sirs hand. But the different feel of it has so far always resulted in a wonderful experience and an enjoyable drift off to subspace.

So when Mr H got out of the bath I asked him if he would it get out. He said he would think about it.

Just before 9pm I went to the bathroom and when I came back I could hear the squealer being cracked. Sir had granted my request.

After Mr H changed my collar I lay on the bed.

I inhaled and exhaled slowly. Relaxing my body ready for the first blow. It fell, hitting both cheeks. I didn’t have time to fully process the first hit before the second fell, followed by 8 more. My behind started to feel hot. Mr H’s hand rubbed my behind, the gentle touch compared to the sting, spread the nice, delicious feeling throughout my body.

The blows fall again followed by more stroking.

The pain and pleasure intermingled and at one point the pain became too much. I called “yellow” and Mr H paused, stroked, and when he began again he reduced the intensity.

I fell over the edge. My body disconnected, my mind floated away.

I heard Mr H say ten more.

When he said “all done” I wasn’t able to acknowledge him.

My body, heavy and uncooperative.

I know he was worried I couldn’t answer his questions.

I wanted to but I was so far away. I eventually managed to move but it took about 20 minutes, maybe more, for me to be able to speak.

He even tried shocking me with a cold flannel. I don’t think I reacted the way he hoped.

Mr H urged me to eat something. I am expecting quite a drop as that was a brilliant trip……

This was a new level to subspace for me, and discussions have taken place today on the way we should manage it when I drift into that level of subspace as I couldn’t have called “red”. Perhaps we have got a bit complacent, as when we started impact play Mr H would start by asking me if I remembered my safewords and during play he would ask me what my colour was. This would enable him to check I was still able to verbally communicate. If I couldn’t say green he would stop.

Mr H will be reinstating the basics in future.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


a spanking impliment
The Squealer

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  1. The Squealer looks equally beguiling and terrifying! Kudos to HL for making it so beautifully 🙂

  2. Might try more warm up first also? And a cool down? Maybe you do that already

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