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Mr H’s birthday is this month and we are booked into a hotel the night before. We will attend the munch at The Townhouse and then head back to the hotel. Mr H will wake up on his birthday in the hotel, and this also marks the start of a week long holiday. Yes I’ve gone and done it… 5 whole days off work… (well 9 if you count the weekend).

You would be forgiven in thinking that it’s strange I would be going to a swingers club given my various posts about playing with others being a massive NO for me but the munch is primarily a social event for anyone and everyone in the kink community. We don’t go to the swinging events as that’s not something we’re going to do, but we do enjoy the munches. There are people there from all areas of life and they are all lovely people. It’s one place where we can go and not conceal our dynamic. They do a variety of BDSM events throughout the year too although we haven’t yet been to one.

So what’s the problem?

Ahh yes, my conundrum… I am not allowed to purchase anything without permission and I want to buy Mr H a birthday present.

See the problem?

I want to get him a surprise gift. We don’t usually exchange gifts but I want to do something to make him smile. I also want to follow the rules..

Biting the bullet

I decided to ask permission in a vague way. I asked if I promised it wasn’t a puppy could I buy him something for his birthday but not tell him what it was…

Initially he was resistant but he did eventually give me permission with the added rules that it couldn’t be an animal of any kind and it couldn’t be too expensive. As he pointed out though he didn’t specify if the term too expensive was to be defined by his idea of expensive or mine, which gives me some scope.

So now I have task of finding a gift that he’ll like, that will make him smile, that isn’t a puppy or too expensive…. and to top it off if I look on amazon it will show up on his phone …. you know the “suggested for you based on recent searches” stuff????

I think I might try and throw him off the scent and search for life jackets and oars… that way he’ll think I’m buying him a dingy 😂

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Keeping secrets

The other part to my conundrum is keeping it a secret… I can’t honestly hold my own water as the saying goes. Once I have bought it I will want to give it to him or tell him about it. I will me more excited than he will.

I also don’t want to be hiding things from him. It’s not something we I want to do anymore.

Learned behaviour

I did delete the we but then I realised that Mr H has never concealed things from me and decided to use the strike out instead. He never did the “I’ve had these ages” routine over shoes or clothes that had been purchased just a few days prior.

In the house I grew up in my mum regularly concealed things from my stepfather. Part of that was because he was a bully and she was frightened of him but had they had better communication between them I don’t think she would have had anything to worry about.

I grew up thinking it was normal to spend money and not have to tell your partner. Before we entered into a D/s relationship I rarely consulted Mr H before buying things. Now it’s become normal to do so.

Two weeks ago amazon delivered a bolster pillowcase. I was very surprised. I honestly have no recollection of ordering it. I remember looking at them. Looking at the reviews. I remember putting it in the basket. Well I put two of them in there, as I was undecided on colour. I do not remember ordering it. When it arrived I was really upset. I didn’t want to be punished for something I couldn’t remember doing. Luckily Mr H believed me and I didn’t receive a punishment.

Surprise surprise

Well I suppose next week I will be able to post about how this went. Did I find a suitable gift? Did I manage to keep the surprise gift a secret? Did Mr H like it? Click HERE to find out.

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  1. Mr H says:

    Like the canoe.

    1. Noted!

  2. Lol you’re a bad influence PS…. I really would be in a world of trouble if I got him a puppy….

  3. Same here. MrDoms birthday is next month. I just ordered him two custom made whips he’s been wanting over a year now. I can’t wait to tell him! I want to surprise him but I’m afraid my eagerness and excitement will get the best of me. Lol

    1. I hope he doesn’t read the comments you make on posts!!!

  4. David says:

    You can’t get one pup, it has to be two – they need to keep each other company……;-)

  5. David says:

    It’s only fair 🙂

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