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Memory lane

My dad passed away suddenly in 2003, from a massive heart attack, and I know I’ve talked about this before but, about a year or so after he passed I woke up from a vivid dream, sobbing.  Now I don’t know if you or even if I believe it’s possible that loved ones who have died can come and visit you in your dreams, but that night, well you decide……

I was dancing with my dad, like I did when I was little,  standing on his feet.  He didn’t speak to me, he just held me and danced.

I don’t remember what song was playing, I just remember feeling safe and when I woke up I felt bereft.

I whispered into the darkness, please don’t do that again dad, it’s too soon, it hurts too much.

A few months later a friend of mine had presented for a medium to come to her house and so some readings.  She persuaded me to go.  When my turn came this lady looked at me and said, ” your dad took you on a trip down memory lane recently, and it upset you.  You asked him not to do it again because it hurt too much.  He wants you to know he heard you and he will give you more time, but he is always looking out for you.”

As you can imagine I was quite stunned by this.  Apart from MrH and my aunt, neither of whom were there that evening or had any connection to this lady, I hadn’t told anyone about this dream.

A few years ago, I had another dream about my dad, this time we were riding his motorcycle like he used to do with me.  This time when I woke up I felt peace and I thanked him for the visit and the trip down memory lane. I like to think he’s visited a few times since then, and I’ve also dreamt about my grandmother, we’ve sat and talked and she gave me advice too.

Whether or not you believe in such things, it gives me a little comfort to think that they are still able to watch over us in some way.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


This post was inspired by the Food 4 Thought prompt 119 “memories, moments and wanting more” click HERE to see more posts inspired by the topic.

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  1. Sorry I made you sad xxx

  2. Oh Sweet – I am so with you in regards to all of this – I must post abut my experiences in the future but would like to point your to a post of mine you may find interesting – Reflecting Back
    This post made me happy and sad all at the same time x

  3. I have always believed in this. My sister visits me frequently, although she’s usually mad about something. Dad has been visiting a few times too, mostly showing me that he’s fine and once, that he’s building a house for him and Mom. They visit my other sister and Mom as well, and it’s comforting to know they are watching out for us.

    Energy cannot be destroyed or created, it merely changes form…and souls are energy. Makes sense that the people we love still exist when they pass. (HD sent an article to me about the science of it once but I didn’t save it.)

  4. I once had a similar experience with my grandma who passed suddenly and I never got around to visiting her (estranged dad’s mum). The dream was so vivid and we sat in her kitchen talking, I still remember it 30 years later and like to think she was coming to me to say that last goodbye we never got to have. I really believe in these things and hope that dreams of your dad now give you some comfort x

  5. Ugh I’m an emotional basket-case today and totally blubbering over this. I’ve been lucky to have both my parents still and I am so scared of losing my dad. Thank you for sharing this sweet! ❤️

    1. Oh I’m sorry I made you cry! Sending hugs xxx

  6. This is lovely, and what an amazing validation of your experience the medium was able to give!

  7. It is often in our dreams that we process our pain, or when we can imagine moments that help us reconnect to those we have lost. It can be beautiful sometimes, and sometimes painful when realizing that those moments were not a reality. I am sorry to hear that it was painful for you, but maybe getting that experience validated by a medium gave you some solace. Thank you for sharing something so personal.

    1. Thank you for reading x

  8. Thanks for sharing this. I had a similar experience a year to the day (and I believe, hour) after my brother was killed in an auto accident. Came bolt awake in the middle of the night for no obvious reason… and knew immediately it was him, just letting me know he was okay. When I told my sister what had happened, she confided that she’d also had a visit, and that they’d even talked for a while! So even with all our tech and science… there are phenomena that can challenge us.

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