My love, my life…. always

We had a wonderful time at the hotel.

MrH blindfolded me and kissed me. He led me to the bed and had me shuffle back. I felt myself move over the waterproof mat so he’d put that over the bed. He passed me the Doxy. “Masturbate for me,” he said.

I hesitated, not because of fear, or embarrassment, but because I didn’t know how to turn it on. I told him so. He put my fingers on the buttons and I spent a few moments just turning it on and adjusting the speed.

He asked if I needed anything and I asked for some lube. I find using a bit of lube with toys makes them soo much more… more… yummy – you know?? He applied some to the wand, and I began.

And… holy crap, that thing is amazing!!!!

I don’t think I’ve ever climaxed so fast…. or so many times. Before I knew it, I’d squirted.

MrH took over the wand and he continued…. he made me cum over and over, then he let me drift down a little… he got the anal beads, covered them in lube, and inserted them. He turned the wand back on and before long he had me cuming, and cuming. He fucked my face as I came and as the orgasms washed through me he moved the beads in and out….. I loved it.

Eventually he turned the wand off, and came in my mouth.

He removed the beads, which pinched a little bit.

Afterwards he held me close.

It didn’t end there, not by a long shot and We had a fabulous weekend…….

But then…..real life butted in… The devils grape....

On Monday I had to come home from work early. I felt faint and sickly. I didn’t know why. And then, on Monday night I felt a small lump on my butt hole and MrH had a look on Tuesday morning. This is a real life blog and I always said I would keep it real… so I won’t apologise for this post being icky or tmi… this is life!!

Anyway, I have developed a haemorrhoid. Yes you read that right… a haemorrhoid.

I didn’t know what it was for sure until today when the dr confirmed it.

We don’t know if the anal toy has caused some irritation, or if it is simply one of those things.

The pain is what’s making me feel sick and faint. The dr has given me some cream which the chemist doesn’t have in stock so I won’t get it until tomorrow…

If it gets worse I’ve to go straight to A&E, but in the mean time, I have to keep pressure off it (my ass that is) and rest.

Of course I had silly worries … could it be something serious?? So I felt some relief when the dr said it was just a very painful haemorrhoid.

MrH has been worried that he caused this. That maybe the anal play contributed but then again maybe it didn’t.

I don’t think MrH and I will use the beads again.. but I hope this doesn’t stop MrH from anal play altogether. It’s something I enjoy but perhaps we need to use different toys, more lube, I don’t know…

For now, I have to do as I’m told and rest.

I guess what I’m writing about today, is how truly amazing MrH is. The fact that I’m comfortable enough to talk to him about anything. The fact that he’s there by my side no matter what. Holding me when I need it. Pushing me forward when I need it. Slowing me down when I need to. We’ve been together since 1995. We’ve been living together since 1998. Married since 1999. He knows me. He really knows me. He accepts me. And, he loves me.

He. Loves. Me.

And I…. 😊 I…. 😁 I love him so much! I smile just thinking about him.

Now I’m going to go and rest and stop being mushy 😂

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  1. Love you

  2. Oh no, at least you had fun at the hotel. I hope it doesn’t stop you having the same fun in the future.

    1. I’m sure it won’t. I wasn’t sure whether or not to post about it but then I realised I really should, after all, it freaked me out and maybe I can stop someone else from freaking out.

      1. Yes absolutely you should post. People need to know that with D/s there is a reality. You show how having your dynamic allows you to get through things together in a more positive way.

  3. Oh you poor thing, they’re so sore. I had one about a month ago that became very sore, especially as I’m on my feet all day at work which doesn’t help. Anusol cream helped, and it did go away after a week or so. Drinking lots, painkillers and resting off feet helped too, as do little sitz baths. Hope you feel better very soon, they’re certainly a hazard, but common I think even if pretty awful to experience x

  4. […] I do, but we haven’t done any anal play since 24th November 2018 and you can read about that here. I do understand that the haemorrhoid I developed after this was very painful, I mean it was my ass […]

  5. […] an element of disappointment of course. This would be our first hotel break since the end of November, and we were looking forward to taking pictures and letting our hair […]

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  7. NonyaB52 says:


    You mentioned wondering whether to write about this or not. I found myself following blogs that DO include real life stuff. Some people write blogs and it’s sex time, cooking in 7 in stilettos in the nude, while giving head.

    Lol x 100, exaggerating! I’m sure you know the type of blogs I’m referring to.

    I spend some time every week reading the older posts of the wonderful bloggers here.

    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying reading the blog. One of these days I must write an update, and yes I know exactly what you mean

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