On Being a Submissive

Our holiday

Our big holiday got downsized. We didn’t think my back could do it comfortably… maybe next year after the treatment.. if I’m pain free it will be so much better…. anyway… we decided to have some mini breaks.

Yesterday we arrived at our favourite hotel. We’re here for 2 nights. 😁

I’m not going to do a full post now, I’ll do it when we’re home as I want to take my time.. this is just a little update, or teaser if you like..

Friday is the day I’m not allowed to wear panties and I braved a skirt…. a short skirt. I even went for our evening meal in a dress with no panties on.

We arrived and unpacked…

MrH changed my collar to the play collar…

He asked me if I remembered my safe words…

“Remember I love you” He told me.

On discovering that I was already dripping wet he told me I was such a good girl, that he wasn’t expecting it.

He told me to get on my knees and remove his jeans.

I did.

He went and sat on the lounge chair.

He called me over. I crawled to him.

“Suck my cock” he said

I did.

“Look at me” he said. “Do not break eye contact”

I looked away once and he reminded me not to. Even when he laid his head back to loose himself in the sensation I kept my eyes on his face incase he looked back. He told me many times what a good girl I was.

“Stop” He said suddenly.

I complied.

“To the bedroom…”

I went.

“Bend over and spread your ass cheeks”

I did……

The rest will wait until I’m home on Sunday……

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  1. David says:


  2. Delightful up skirt peek!! Just saying! lol.

  3. I’m turning red!

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