Paloqueth wand and lube review

Paloqueth contacted me via my twitter account and asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their products. I mean I jumped at the chance – who doesn’t love free stuff!  They Offered to send me their rechargeable wand and lube, and I agreed.  They were delivered by Amazon they came in the usual Amazon packaging and therefore completely discreet.

The Products and Packaging

The Lube arrived first and came sealed in plastic. I liked the design, simple and unless you look carefully you wouldn’t know it was lube.

It also has a tamper proof foil seal inside which I thought was a great idea. It made sure it didn’t leak in transit as well as keeping it from being tampered with.

The lube itself has a good consistency and isn’t too thick or runny. It did feel a little sticky but it wasn’t off putting and didn’t stop it from doing its job! It costs £12.99 on amazon so it’s not as cheap as some lubes out there.

The wand they sent me was a full size rechargeable one with 8 speed settings and 20 different vibration combinations. It comes in a plain black box and has a white bag to store it in. It takes 3 hours to fully charge. It costs £35.99 on Amazon so I would say it’s reasonably priced.

Solo Testing

I set up to test the lube and wand. I admit I am a purist. I like continuous vibrations rather than the tease of the function buzzes. The speed variation was easy to control, although I do wish companies would find some way to move functions up and down! I mean it’s a pain when you have to go through all of them to get back to the beginning, but that applies to all manufacturers and so I can’t say Paloqueth are doing something wrong.

I settled to play and applied some lube to myself and the wand. It spread well and didn’t run off. I like the consistency and feel of the lube.

Turning on the wand I settled on a middle speed setting and got to it (so to speak).

I tried each vibration setting in turn and while nice the continuous vibration was the one I preferred.

I came easily and a number of times, so I can only conclude that it’s effective! 😂

I told MrH that if he wanted to tease me and being be close to orgasm without allowing me to cum he could use any of the other settings and he would get the desired results… a very horny and frustrated me!

MrH Testing

We took this wand away to our recent hotel stay, and MrH decided to use the lube and wand.

He too liked the lube. The fact it isn’t too runny meant it didn’t drip everywhere.

The wand he kept on the continuous setting, and was able to bring me to climax repeatedly. I squirted a couple of times and he was happy with its performance. He liked the lack of cable.


Lube: We likes the consistency and feel of the lube. We would buy it.

Wand: We liked how light it is. For travel purposes it’s perfect. It’s reasonably priced and works well. If you’re looking for a rechargeable lightweight wand I can definitely recommend this one.


I received these items for free in exchange for an unbiased review.

*** UPDATE 16th October 2019***

I have now done several review for Paloqueth and they have offered a discount code to anyone based in the USA!  So if you want to purchase anything please click HERE or the picture below to get 15% off your order.  If you do complete a purchase via these links I receive a small commission, this in no-way affects the price you pay, nor will it affect my future reviews, which will always be honest.

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  1. David says:

    How long does the wand last on one charge?!

  2. DAvid says:

    Long enough to ‘work’! 😉

  3. David says:

    Most excellent ;-0

  4. Rex bought one for me. It was lovely to use and had some nice settings. Good choice. Cost a lot more here though!

    1. Oh dear x

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