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My fingers broken….

Well maybe it’s my clit… I don’t know for sure, but since I discovered how amazing a wand orgasm is I haven’t had a “finger on clit” orgasm.

Doesn’t matter if Mr H is at the helm or I try myself. So maybe it’s my clit that’s broken or perhaps it’s gone one strike??

Mr H’s Tongue and Finger(s)/Hand can get me there….. Eventually.

I don’t even know if “promises” will still work as it’s been a while since that toy came out to play.

I wonder if anyone else has found this?

Perhaps my clit just needs a good talking to? Or retraining? One things for sure, I want it to be “fixed!”

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


Image by wiredsmartio from Pixabay 

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  1. Time and patience.
    And practise!
    My doxy is responsible for the lion share of my orgasms. But with a butt plug in, and some “instruction” I can orgasm easily on my fingers. Using different sensations helps too, like pinching and slapping. It wakes things up down there and makes my clit aware of the surroundings… It will work again, have faith!

  2. Becoming acclimated to a single style of orgasms can cause problems with attempting other methods. Like how men can become so accustomed to masturbation they find partnered sex difficult. Most articles I have come across recommend taking a break from the toy and begin slowly exploring other forms of play.

  3. It happened to me. So I forced myself to put the wand away and did t let myself touch several weeks. It took some time but I was able to orgasm using my fingers again. Now I try not to depend on the wand as much. Look at it as a “special treat”

  4. I love using our vibrators on my Queen, but I almost always start with hand, mouth or Angus. Once we get going we might use the toys. However by then she has usually had at least one orgasm. I also use different toys. So the dependence on one toy is minimized.

  5. Great post. I wonder how you would respond to the womanizer, the women I know can’t get enough of it…

    1. Dunno lol

  6. […] this month I wrote about my concerns that I couldn’t orgasm through masturbation any more following the introduction of D/s to our […]

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