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Tell Me About: Public Play

Public play isn’t something we have done, but we’ve spoken about it. We went to an event (of sorts) and watched our good friend administer a flogging to her slave. It was interesting to watch.

Sexy Public Play

Initially when we first went to The Townhouse I was intrigued by all the equipment. There’s a sex swing in the BDSM room that I would like MrH to fuck me in. There’s a medical chair that he could secure me in and then play with me, and that too is something I think I would like.

The BDSM room is one of the rooms that you can close the door in, but there is a viewing window. It has voile that you can pull over it so you have some privacy but there is certainly a possibility that people can see a little of what you are doing.

I’m definitely open to the idea. I think it would feel pretty intense to be in the chair, legs wide, Sir able to stand comfortably using the Doxy and fucking my face. Yes I am definitely open to the idea…


In that situation, does it really count as public play? We’re in a shut room and MrH says he would be on edge thinking people could walk in. That would be against the rules and the monitors would evict the interloper (if it were to happen). I don’t think it would. I think people at an event are conscious of following the etiquette and are also respectful.

If you’re anxious, then you’re not having fun, and I wouldn’t want MrH to be uncomfortable, I wouldn’t want him to not be having fun. I know part of what we do is pushing boundaries but MrH is in control of how, when, if and what boundaries are pushed.

Impact play

The other thing we could do at the club is to utilize the St Andrew’s Cross and MrH could use his floggers on me. Again this is something that I am willing to do, but MrH isn’t too sure of. From my point of view, I’m proud of MrH and I think he looks amazing. I also think it would feel nice being flogged in that position, and MrH would have room to use the floggers properly. I also think with me more upright it would be easier.


I think MrH worries about being criticized. Perhaps his technique isn’t perfect or some such but I think that’s part of it.

What do you get out of it?

The other thing we have thought about and discussed is what do we think we would get out of any of these experiences?

Do we have a desire to be watched?

I know I’m curious to watch and if MrH takes me to an event, I would like him to walk me around so we can see what play people do during an event night. I think it would be interesting and yes I imagine it would be quite a turn on. For me anyway.

Do I want to be watched? I think this one is harder to answer. In some ways I guess I won’t know until we do it.

I have a few fantasies that have revolved around the club setting.

There’s the one where MrH tells me to suck his cock while he is talking to some other Doms, and when he is asked if he would ask me to pleasure them he says absolutely not, she is mine alone.

Then there’s the clothed Male naked female one, where MrH has me at his side all night and sat on his knee. He is so proud of me that he keeps me by his side, and other people tell him how lucky he is.

Yes I know there is a theme here…

The flogging one where MrH flogs me until I am deep in subspace and I can’t stand. He unties me and carries me to a chair where he wraps me in a blanket and holds me until I come back to earth.

Will we/won’t we?

Whether or not we do decide to play in public, MrH will make that decision. He knows I will follow him on this journey and I trust that he will know when it’s the right time for us, and that’s if we ever do at all.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. We have played in public a few times. Not recently but in the past. My Queen and I have both gotten off on it—though we have only played with each other. We did have some offers twice, but declined politely. My Queen gets incredibly wet in public. And as you can guess, Angus stands proud. lol

  2. I played once in public. I went thinking I’d be so turned on being a voyeur and ended up being much more turned on being watched than I ever thought possible. I’m pretty shy usually but the energy was amazing in the club I went to. I think that’s important.

  3. It will indeed

  4. I would have said that I was in no doubt that public play, or at least being public was many steps too far. I’m not sure I’d ever go to BDSM clubs even though my domme runs one. But the curious thing is, there are video clips of me out there which I adore and get a thrill out of them being in the public domain. x

    1. Hmmm… perhaps requires further thought??

  5. Me too lol

  6. […] MrH and I haven’t played in public and have no plans to, we were given a tip for safewords in public settings. If you’re in a […]

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