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The prompt for this weeks SB4MH is what 3 things would you tell your 5 year self to remember? Sounds simple enough only it isn’t. I mean you can’t tell a 5 year old not to marry the first man she has sex with can you? Highly inappropriate. You can’t say tell your mum you want braces, cos you have no idea what braces could mean, but then again.. at 5 big things happened to me and so there are things I could say…..


You did nothing wrong.

My mum left my dad when I was 5. She woke me up and bundled me and my brother into a car late one night and took us to a new house. I didn’t know why I got told we live here now. I missed my dad so much and for quite some time I wondered what I had done wrong. I later learned it was that my mum had chosen to move in with my dads friend and that they had told my dad he wasn’t allowed near. It was a few weeks, perhaps longer before we saw my dad.

So I think that would be the first thing. You did nothing wrong.

You are special

The next thing I would say is to remember you are special. When people are calling you lazy, or stupid, remember you are special. One day you’ll find out there is a reason why you struggle to do mental maths, and spelling tests.. you will find out you have auditory processing and short term memory dyslexia. You won’t find out for a long time, but just know you are very clever and you are not lazy.

When you get to high school and you feel like an ugly duck, when people call you flat chested and frigid because you won’t show them your bra, remember you are special and they are idiots.

When your step dad says you are not womanly, remember you are special.

When you want to disappear into the background and be left alone, remember you are special.

Write it down

The last piece of advice follows on from the second… write everything down. You have a gift of visual memory so write it and read it, you will learn and remember so much more!


And, it is really important to remember this! Go to college in 1995 and study Business, when you see a guy with dark hair and brown eyes, who wears a silver watch that he fiddles with in class, and whose last name starts with a H – MARRY HIM!!!!!! He will make you very happy.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


This post was inspired by Sex Bloggers 4 Mental Health, and you can find more posts on the topic by clicking HERE.

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  1. Good advice. I would add try and be kind to everyone when you are older. It will be difficult but in the end so worth it!!

  2. Save your allowance and invest in google. Lol

    1. Had I got pocket money that would indeed have been good advice!

  3. Love your PS at the end, sweet :>) … nj … xx

  4. I love these–and especially the PS! <3

  5. I’m continuously surprised at the bullying, you are are quite womanly! I’m honestly confused when bloggers mention this. Were people raised by Playboy bunnies? SMH

    1. It baffles me too, and yet, I am quite certain this type of bullying happens every single day. Girls are as bad, I remember the popular girls being derogatory to some boys, calling them wimps and so on

  6. This is a terrific post Sweet and I can relate to much of it – I am dyslexic and baffled the teachers and had a fraught relationship with my step father – plus other stuff – so glad u have H x

    1. Mee too… I’m also very glad I’m now an adult and there is more understanding of dyslexia… although still not enough in my opinion….

  7. Posy Churchgate says:

    Wonderful post, so much to relate to and so sweetly told. Yes other styles of learning an processing are being recognised now, but not enough. There are scores of adults out there now who are scarred by what we didn’t know back in the 70s & 80s & 90s.
    I only know about girls bullying but it is cruel – and it’s anything they can latch onto. My 2 main ‘criticisms’ were droopy boobs and spud nose – ah well, I think I have the last laugh now!

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