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F4TF: Rituals

Over the last 2 years our rituals have changed quite a bit, although the format has remained the same the words and actions have changed to suit our needs at the time.

In the beginning, for our morning and night collar exchange I would always be kneeling. This collar exchange is our most ritualistic activity. Every now and then Mr H would tell me to stay standing so he didn’t have to bend down. This became more frequent until eventually the kneeling became a thing of the past. I do sometimes miss kneeling. Sometimes MrH’s cock would swell and I could turn my head to kiss it. Sometimes this would lead to him instructing me to suck him which would lead to either a full blow job or a fucking. Either way I was happy.

We did, at one time, try to do a chat formatted as ‘downtime’ where we talked as equals, Mr H would remove my chain while we talked, putting our D/s aside briefly, but this felt awkward and forced. Communication is something we have to actively work on, and I have talked about this but we do now have a weekly chat followed by a session with the cane. Although I am not sure it would really qualify as a ritual it is a regular occurrence, and when we are unable to do it we miss it. For that reason I am willing to say for me it has an element of ritual to it.

In reality our life is interwoven with rituals. We kiss goodnight, and we send a message to say we have arrived safely at work. We do the twice daily collar/chain swap and twice weekly cane session. Every night we have baths/showers and then watch TV. We snuggle and have supper before play or sleep. We have our routines and they keep us connected to each other.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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3 thoughts on “F4TF: Rituals”

  1. It is so wonderful that u recognise you have to work on the communication aspect of your relationship and so you added a weekly chat. So many people are not so proactive and their partnership starts to fail. Bravo you guys x

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