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Do you like what you see?

A while ago, I did a strip tease for Mr H.  I practiced for a week and I really enjoyed doing it.  He grinned and got an erection, the perfect appreciation.  When I am feeling a little flirty and playful I will sometimes ask Mr H, “do you like what you see?”

“Oh yes!” Is my favourite verbal answer, but when he runs his hands over my body, when his cock gets harder, that’s my all time favourite response, that’s appreciation that can’t be faked.

Showing appreciation.

When I had lost lots of weight, and I felt bloody fantastic, I wore flattering clothes and I felt sexy.  I walked tall and with a sway.  I knew Mr H was watching me, he would say “your arse looks hot in those jeans” and I would give him a wiggle.

They don’t fit anymore because I have put some weight back on and I am struggling to get it back off.  But, when Mr H shows me he wants me, and that he appreciates my curves, it doesn’t matter as much. I like to show my appreciation of him too of course, and when he lets me I worship his body, my hands and mouth demonstrating my desire.

Showing me off.

When we go to the munches, and I get to dress in a sexy way, I love the appreciative way Mr H looks at me.  He looks so proud to be with me, proud I am his, possessive.  He hides that side of himself I think around our vanilla friends and family.

At the munch when I go to the bar for drinks, I can feel his eyes on me.  I hear his pride when he says there were other people watching me; I never see them, I only have eyes for Mr H.  Of course, I talk to other people there, usually I am sat next to Mr H and he will stroke my leg, and I feel this subtle but definite claim.   When he goes to the bar I watch him too, he will always look at me when he gets there and give me “the wink” that makes me wet.

Being Me

The munch is the only place I feel confident that no-one will say I am “mutton dressed as lamb”, in my everyday life I would feel too self conscious to dress in this way.  In our every day lives we hide our true natures, conceal our desires.  At the munches I feel free to be myself and that helps me feel sexy too.

I love to feel that way though, the way he makes me feel, as though he can’t get enough of me, and that I am more than enough.  At a munch there are also other women who look beautiful and sexy, when he winks at me it reminds me that I am who he wants, and that also helps to make me brave enough to ask him, “do you like what you see?”

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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8 thoughts on “Do you like what you see?”

  1. There is nothing more important than the men in our lives liking to see us just like we are, right? Even though I know Master T is totally happy with me the way I am, curves and all, I feel the need to do something to get back where I was when I turned 50 in 2017. I have a feeling that I am finally on the right track, and my tummy feels a lot better because of it! And, just for the record, I think you look fabulous!

    Rebel xox

  2. I found my confidence to wear sexy, tight, short, dramatic things at BDSM munches and play events and more and more the style is part of my everyday wardrobe. I’m dressing more for me, worrying less about what other people might think. It’s awesome 🙂

  3. I have never had the confidence to do a strip tease, but I wish I did. I know HD thinks I am sexy, but all I can see is how round I am and all my scars etc, and I get too self-conscious. Plus I am awkward as hell and have zero grace. 😛

    One of the reasons kink brings together so many different people is because we can be who we really are, without the masks of ‘normalcy’ we are forced to wear. Even though HD and I are not hard players by any means, kink gives us the chance to dive into the facets of our personalities that ‘polite society’ deems unfit. 🙂

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