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A wonderful surprise Spanking for Sweetgirl

I’m here again talking about spanking, you would have thought I would have something different to talk about right? I mean we are alone. In fact we will be alone until Boxing day as the kids plans have changed and they are not coming home before Christmas. This will be the first Christmas we have been without Children ever. When Mr H and I met, T was a few months away from being three years old, and J arrived 3 years later. Mr H moved in with me in 1998 and this is our first Christmas with just the two of us, and I admit that feels a little odd. Nice – don’t get me wrong – but odd.

Back to basics.

Wednesday nights are our chat nights, and we discussed the two impact sessions. Mr H told me he had indeed liked it when the hand spanking had made me gasp and cry out a little. “That’s when I started to smile,” he admitted grinning again. I asked him if he had wanted to continue, if that was something he wanted to explore more and he said he definitely wanted to explore more but he was happy to end the spanking when he did that day.

We also talked about how he can feel pressured and we discussed going back to our earlier behaviours where I would cuddle up and touch him, perhaps just with a hand, perhaps giving him some oral attention, but always without expectation of sex occurring. This was more about me giving him pleasure, showing him my appreciation of his body and him deciding where it led if anywhere at all. He agreed this would be worth trying.

We also discussed that when I am feeling horny but he does not wish to play he can tell me to masturbate with a toy until I have taken the edge off and/or he tells me to stop. I believe he will utilise this as a way of taking some pressure of himself and I think he likes the idea of making me masturbate while he is at the side of me, half watching. It is something that makes me squirm a little, feeling exposed and vulnerable, but this also turns me on so it’s a win win.

A Surprise Spanking.

Yesterday evening (Thursday) I snuggled up eager to put our plan into action. Mr H went to make a drink and I quickly discarded my clothes and put on my only Ann Summers bra and thong set, and lay face down on the bed. He has a liking for seeing my behind from this view. When he returned he did indeed say he liked what he saw, and after playfully biting my bum cheek he climbed into bed and I cuddled up.

I began tracing the outline of his cock through his boxers. Lightly and with no urgency. His boxers are very soft fabric and my light touch tickled. I assured him I had no plans and no expectation, but I was sure he would be more comfortable without the boxers on, and he removed them.

I continued my gentle touching, stroking from tip to base in a way I know he enjoys. The TV was on and I think Mr H was also scrolling twitter. He became aroused and I moved with the intention of adding some oral attention but when my backside came within reach Mr H made it clear he wanted something else. He spanked me, hard. Harder than the other day and my breath hissed out. He swotted a few more time and I was struck with an idea.

I moved position, swinging my leg over his body, facing away from him so that from his vantage point he could see the thong and my backside clearly. I raised one leg slightly so I wasn’t exactly sitting on him rather I was balanced on the top of his hips. His cock, now hard in my hand was nestled against my groin and in the perfect spot for me to effectively stroke him and also myself with the same movement.

Mr H began to spank me in earnest then. The blows landed hard and fast. I was quickly crying out with each spank. This spurred him on to spank more. His cock hard and dripping.

Mr H checked in a number of times, asking if I was alright and I answered I was. After a while it did become too much and I called Yellow, and Mr H decided to stop the spanking. I climbed off him and he asked me to wait while he took some photos of my ass. I was anticipating that I would now be cuddled and aftercare would begin, instead he pulled me back towards him and thrusting his cock into me, play continued.

“You like being spanked don’t you?” he asked as he fucked me. Well what else could I say but “Yes Sir.”

Seeing the Evidence

As I removed my bra and panties to get into bed later I asked if I could see the photos. I think my mouth popped open. I have only once been marked during play, and that too was from a hand spanking, but this is very different. I’ll let you decide for yourself if you agree. This morning I am still red and I am a bit wooly headed and emotional. I was anticipating that I would experience some emotional fall out after such an intense spanking however, and Mr H is looking after me, as he always does.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. Ouchie… you can’t ‘beat’ a good hand spanking
    Susie Mace recently posted…Being MuckyMy Profile

    1. Lol I’d have to agree!

  2. Nothing better than a hand spanking, Sweet, but also to discovering each other again 🙂
    ~ Marie xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted…Weight loss or no weight loss?My Profile

    1. Indeed! Best thing ever!!!

  3. Lovely – I really enjoyed how you worked your way into this spanking scene.
    Kristan X recently posted…Playing with FireMy Profile

    1. Thank you

  4. I love that palm on fleshy butt – yum!

    Happy new year to u guys
    May x

    1. Me too lol

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