In these Arms.

“If you were in these arms..” Bon Jovi’s voice sings as Mr H pulls my…

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Light Support.

I have now spent 9 weeks pretty much lying in bed and my usual underwired…

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A Little Respect.

Respect is, in my opinion, one of the cornerstones required for any relationship, not just…

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I’m Still Standing

Well metaphorically speaking anyway! I have endured and overcome many things in my life so…

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The Anxiety Beast

I never thought of myself as an anxious person growing up, but then again, I…

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I love your arse

I have a love hate relationship with my body. Mostly I hate it; sometimes I…

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Why I Write.

I have seen a number of bloggers asking the question on Twitter “what do you…

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Going Out.

After work on Monday, Mr H took me to the supermarket. We used our blue…

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This is Me.

This week Wicked Wednesday is asking ‘what keeps you going? What do you believe in?…

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Wheelchair Freedom.

I have been stuck indoors since the 10th January, only going out for hospital appointments,…

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Random Posts

sunday surprise

Sunday surprise

There is nothing I love more than Sunday Surprise Anal Sex; it doesn’t happen often,…

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Not Broken

Earlier this month I wrote about my concerns that I couldn’t orgasm through masturbation any…

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Andante Andante…

Is one of my all time ABBA favourites. Seriously… Its so sensual and beautiful. It’s…

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