My weakness

Sweets. Sweets and desserts are my weakness. I have a sweet tooth like you wouldn’t…

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Proper planning

Planning is important in most things, as the saying goes proper planning prevents piss poor…

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Week 1 weigh in

Saturday morning arrived, after a particularly poor night sleep and it was time to see…

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Syns and things.

I finally got online access and was able to check the syn values. Some were…

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Measuring Growth.

Measuring growth on a personal level isn’t easy. It is intangible and often invisible. Physical…

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The Punishment

I broke a rule and so a punishment is in order. I don’t know what…

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Cane Me.

I have a few different ways of dealing with stress, I have a tendency to…

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Mental Recharge

Every now and then we all need to recharge our batteries. It may be that…

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erotic photography

Erotic Photography

Erotic Photography is, in my opinion rather difficult to do. I also think there is…

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Random Posts

This is Me.

This week Wicked Wednesday is asking ‘what keeps you going? What do you believe in?…

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man and woman lying on bed

Gone too quick

I’ve often wondered why the weekends seem to fly by when the working week can…

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