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Journal 27-06-19: Mardy Pants

Sometimes I can be a mardy pants. If you’re not familiar with the term, imagine a toddler who isn’t getting their own way… and that’s what I mean by being a mardy pants!

I’ve had a tough week and I’m tired and cranky.


The other day someone messaged me asking if I’d like to review their products. The person had only just created their twitter profile. They had no information suggesting they were affiliated with a company. No information at all actually.

So I asked them to provide me more information. The reply back was simply that they are a professional sex toy seller on amazon and they gave me the brand name. I trotted off to Amazon and searched for the name. All I got was weed killer.

So I returned and asked for more information. They gave me another name to search and said I could find a lot of information if I wanted to. Well there was nothing.

I’ve now told them if they want me to review their products they need to send me links and/or details of a website…

Thing is, the whole exchange has left me feeling mardy.

I mean if someone wants me to review their products why wouldn’t they tell me about the company? Why do they sound annoyed that I’m asking for information?

Well I’m stamping my foot!

I’m pouting.

Oh wait and I’m horny…. so maybe that’s the real issue ….

They replied back to say they are only on the US site…..

So, that’s the thing. Maybe they weren’t being difficult. But on the other hand my thoughts stand.

In business if you’re selling something. If you’re looking for exposure and reviews to build your brand, you woo people. You aren’t short, you aren’t abrupt and you aren’t difficult. You woo.


Then there’s this blog…. for some reason of late when I create a post the format gets screwed up.  I do most of my work on my phone.  It’s much easier to conceal what I am doing on my phone than it is on the laptop.. The screen is larger, you know?  But for some rather annoying reason even if it looks fine in my wordpress app on my phone, when you go to the website, it’s messed up.

So I ask you as my readers to bear with me while I sort that out when I have to.  When it looks odd, let me know in the comments so I can fix it – please ??


At the moment in the UK it’s hot… really hot.  And I hates it.  I hate being sweaty (unless I’ve got that way at the hands of Mr H).  I hate feeling hot and bothered.  Our house is an end terrace so we have the sun on the front in the morning, at the side midday and on the back all afternoon/evening.  The windows are small and we just don’t get any relief from the heat.

So that’s another reason why I’m mardy… oh yeah and then there’s…


I’ve mentioned a few time how stressed I have been at work over the last few weeks.  Well we made it to the month end… Thank heavens.  So I am here at the weekend finally, and I have treated myself to a tiny bottle of Sipsmiths gin and some pink lemonade that I am hoping Mr H will give me permission to enjoy this evening..

Hopefully things will settle at work over the next few weeks and I have a holiday booked in July.

Holiday Plans

We aren’t going away, we are just having some time off work. We have one night away but the rest of the week we are just planning to rest, recharge and recuperate.

I hope you are all coping with the heat, I hope none of you are being mardy, and most of all I hope Mr H sees fit to sort out my horny little body soon – despite the heat.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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