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Measuring Growth.

Measuring growth on a personal level isn’t easy. It is intangible and often invisible. Physical growth on the other hand – we have units of measurement to use to monitor and record that. I read a post by MrsFeve and well I know exactly what shes means. Lockdown has definitely caused some personal growth for me, as clearly demonstrated by none of my clothes fitting! But I have also undertaken some other things. I relaunched my website with a new design, focus and name. This meant learning about Elementor Pro. I am learning about manual digital photography, and I’m also doing a course on photoshop, ut is this because of the lockdown? No not really. It’s mostly as a way to occupy my mind because of my medical problems.

Measuring Me.

One thing they suggest you do on most diet plans, is to track your body measurements. Recently in the TV programme The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, Midge is seen taking her measurements everyday, however, most recommend weekly at the most. Personally I think monthly is better. It allows you to see a difference and, especially with women and body cycles, I would always advise looking at your weightloss over a month period not on a week by week basis. This is something that comes up time and again at group and once we look at their history it is rare that a pattern doesn’t present itself.

I know in the past (pre hysterectomy) that over for weeks without fail I would see the following trend:

  • week 1 – maintain 1/2 lb loss
  • week 2 – loss
  • week 3 – gain
  • week 4 – loss – period week.

The week prior to my period I would gain, no matter how good I was. For some women it is the week of or maybe two weeks but over the month they have an overall loss. Looking for these patterns can help prevent you from feeling as if your efforts are not working, and ultimately keep you going.

Where was I? Right measurements. So, I will be weighing myself every week on a Saturday, and measuring my body every 4 weeks. I will also take a picture on measure day to create a visual record that hopefully will help me to see the results. One of the reasons we encourage taking body measurements is that there are what groups call ‘non scale victories’ and that’s when you see losses in inches over your body but perhaps only a small loss of weight. Every method of measurement is valid in that it can boost the feeling of success. Taking these and sharing them isn’t going to be easy. Seeing them is another reality check that I’m not looking forward to. Here they are. Next time they will be either in a table or graph, I haven’t decided yet.

  • Round Bust 44″
  • Under Bust 36.5″
  • Waist 38.5″
  • Hips (at widest part) 52″

Food Choices.

MealWednesday 22ndvalue
BreakfastCereal 40gHE B
LunchSoup3.5 syns
TeaChicken, Potatoes, VegetablesFree
SupperCereal 20g4 syns
TreatMini Ice cream7.5 syns
All daySkimmed Milk 350mlHE A
Daily Syn Count (used out of 15)15/15
MealThursday 23rdvalue
BreakfastCereal 40gHE B
LunchSalad: Cheese reduced fat 40g HE A
LunchSalad: Sweet Chilli Sauce 1 tablespoon1 syn
LunchSalad: Spinach, peppers, tomatoes, fat free dressingFree
TeaSausage3.5 syns
Teachips and vegetablesFree
SupperCereal 25g5 syns
SnacksMango and carrot and a bananaFree
All daySkimmed Milk 350mlHE A
Daily Syn Count (used out of 15)9.5/15


As I expected seeing the measurements and photo’s wasn’t pleasant and during the editing process (removing my tattoos) I zoomed in so I couldn’t see the whole thing. I haven’t smoothed these at all so these images are raw, stretchmarks and all.

I have been successful in following the plan and that has given me a sense of accomplishment. It may only be a few days but the familiarity of recording the foods in the online planner is comforting and I feel a little more in control. I’ve even added the treat foods for next week by checking their syn values first! One thing is certain. I should be soon sharing less of me – if you catch my drift!

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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Slimming World Terminology

There are a number of terms used in the slimming world plan, here I hope to explain what they are.  If there are any other things you don't understand leave a comment or use the contact form and I will update the list.

  • Free. These are foods that can be eaten without weighing or measuring.  Generally fruit, vegetables, pasta, rice, lean meat, beans pulses and lentils.  
  • Speed. These are free foods that help you loose weight.  The more of these you eat, the more weight you lose.
  • Healthy Extras.  These are foods that need to be weighed or measured but are also essential to a healthy diet.  Cereals, bread, milk, and cheeses. 
  • Syns.  These are the foods that you have to record most carefully.   Chocolate,  crips or chips, biscuits or cookies, fast foods, pastries,  desserts, cake... etc.
  • Group.  This is the slimming world group, or other slimming club group that you might attend when following a franchise style diet.  Once a week you attend to be weighed on a calibrated machine.  Rewards are given out for achievements (usually every half stone lost). 
  • Consultant or Group Leader.   The person who runs the previously mentioned group.

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  1. That categorization sounds complicated. I like your diet plan’s sense of humor though (syn = sin). 🙂

    Good luck!
    Mrs Fever recently posted…The only “personal growth” I’m experiencing is around my waist line.My Profile

    1. Exactly that lol although I believe they meant it to mean synergy foods….

  2. Glad to hear you are successfully following the plan. I don’t know if I would have the strength. Oh, Jack is the cat, I thought that was Mr. H’s first name when I saw it it.
    elliott recently posted…DayBreakMy Profile

    1. By the way, if you edited out a tattoo, then that Photoshop class is paying off because I sure can’t tell.
      elliott recently posted…DayBreakMy Profile

      1. Actually I removed 2 ! Lol the 3rd is on my back and wasn’t visible

    2. Lol no not Mr. H LOL we called the cat Jack!

  3. You have such strength of character Sweet – I will be cheering you on
    May xx
    May More recently posted…Magicians & Musicians Singing the BluesMy Profile

    1. Thank you! Weigh in tomorrow….

  4. I was very regimented in my routine in the beginning as well, it has definitely become less of a daily thing now though. I pretty much know what I can and cannot eat.
    I was really impressed to see a loss on period week. I usually fluctuate quite a bit in the days leading up and a couple days after and never see a loss.
    Good for you!
    MrsK recently posted…Best Shape of my LifeMy Profile

    1. After my hysterectomy I didn’t have a gain just the odd week of maintains, which made it a lot easier!

  5. I am so impressed by your commitment to this. And also a huge respect for you for sharing the images and measurements. That must have been so hard and I Know that it isn’t something I could ever do, although I see why it is a significant step. I love that Jack got himself in the picture too
    missy recently posted…What do I do if he is not engaging? – Reader questionMy Profile

    1. Thank you. ♡

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