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My weakness

Sweets. Sweets and desserts are my weakness. I have a sweet tooth like you wouldn’t believe. I make my meal choices in a restaurant based on what is on offer for dessert. It really is no surprise that I am overweight, in fact what is surprising, is that I am not a lot more overweight.

Knowing this is a weakness and doing something about it however, are two very different things. The syns method used by Slimming world means I can have anything I want, and using the flexi syn method there isn’t anything I can’t have. I have 105 syns a week and as long as I do not exceed that I should still see a loss. if I chose to use all of them on on night out it just means I have to have none for the rest of the week – but i am in control -it was a choice I made, and choices are powerful and empowering.

As you can see from my food diaries, I am having treats and counting the syns. This is where my strengths come in. I am determined. I will keep trying until I get it write, and when I am lacking motivation I have hundreds of images on myself to remind me why I chose to follow the slimming world plan now.

Food Choices.

MealMonday 27th July Value
BreakfastCereal 40gHE B
LunchCheese 40gHE A
LunchSweet chilli sauce ½ syn
TeaSalad, Broccoli and chipsFree
TeaBurger no breadFree
TeaKetchup 2 tablespoons 1 syn
SupperCereal 25g5 syns
TreatIce Cream bar (11 syns total)7 syns
All daySkimmed Milk 350mlHE A
Daily Syn Count (out of 15)13½/15
MealTuesday 28th July Value
BreakfastCereal 40gHE B
LunchSweet Chili Sauce 1 teaspoon1/2 syn
LunchCheese 40gHE A
TeaHerby Chicken1½ syns
TeaRoast potatoes and vegetables Free
SupperSpecial K bar5 syns
SnacksBanana Free
TreatCurly Whirly 6 syns
All daySkimmed Milk 350mlHE A
Daily Syn Count (out of 15)13/15


As I am writing this I am anxious. In a few short hours I will be at the hospital having the nerve block in my lumbar spine. It isn’t the first time I have had a needle inserted into my spine, but it is the first time at this particular hospital, and previous procedures have been done from a day ward situation. I would arrive and be booked in assigned a bed and then I would wait until they did it, after I would be monitored until I had eaten and been to the loo. This time I have an appointment time almost like I am just going to have an x ray.

As a result of my anxiety I am craving sweet things. A chocolate bar, a cake, donuts, anything sweet would do, but it isn’t really hunger and as such I am ignoring it for now. I will be taking a curly whirly as it is possible after I could feel light headed and a quick chocolate boost will help.

Knowing your weakness should make it easier to deal with but I don’t think it does. When you have had an upbringing like myself a weakness becomes something to berate yourself for, and after indulging my sweet tooth I have been known to call myself some very nasty names for not resisting it.

One example of this would be my tummy. At the moment it rolls, and to dry it I have to lift my tummy. The act of lifting it makes me feel sick, disgusted with my body. When Mr. H touches my tummy I cringe, thinking how awful it must feel. Todays image share is of this tummy, and brings me briefly to a new project ‘love your selfie’.

So many of us are unhappy with our bodies, I wanted to create something that celebrated how every body is beautiful and I came up with this. A whole website of images, images of people sharing what they love or like about their bodies, or if a particular image has helped change their self image to share this. Click HERE to find out more.

This picture here is of course not one that shows me a tummy I like but it is a tummy nonetheless, one I hope will go away with some successful weight loss. In the meantime images like this remind me of why I need to lose weight.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


This post is linked to the Life Matters project which is currently Personal Growth, and is focused on Strengths and weaknesses. Click HERE to see more posts linked to the topic.

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Slimming World Terminology

There are a number of terms used in the slimming world plan, here I hope to explain what they are.  If there are any other things you don't understand leave a comment or use the contact form and I will update the list.

  • Free. These are foods that can be eaten without weighing or measuring.  Generally fruit, vegetables, pasta, rice, lean meat, beans pulses and lentils.  
  • Speed. These are free foods that help you loose weight.  The more of these you eat, the more weight you lose.
  • Healthy Extras.  These are foods that need to be weighed or measured but are also essential to a healthy diet.  Cereals, bread, milk, and cheeses. 
  • Syns.  These are the foods that you have to record most carefully.   Chocolate,  crips or chips, biscuits or cookies, fast foods, pastries,  desserts, cake... etc.
  • Group.  This is the slimming world group, or other slimming club group that you might attend when following a franchise style diet.  Once a week you attend to be weighed on a calibrated machine.  Rewards are given out for achievements (usually every half stone lost). 
  • Consultant or Group Leader.   The person who runs the previously mentioned group.

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  1. Good luck on your procedure, Sweet, and I do think you deserve a little reward afterwards!
    Liz BlackX recently posted…Fate Has Led Me Here: Shaken and Bruised, but StrongerMy Profile

    1. Oh I knew there was a reason I liked you xx

  2. PS…I like your body, very hot.

    1. You’re very kind

  3. Lucky for me I don’t have that big of a weakness for sweets, but I do eat 2 small pieces of chocolate every morning after breakfast with my 2nd cup of coffee. I’m on a low carb diet and have lost 40 lbs and kept it off for over 3 years.

    1. Well done you!

  4. Thinking of you – and I think u are such a strong person – not only that u are a good person too
    May xx
    May More recently posted…Dare to go outside ~ Sexy fun in the SunMy Profile

    1. thank you ♥

  5. Omg! I have has needles to the spine and my thiught are with you, although you’re string and will be 100% fine.
    I love the new project idea and can’t wait to see what wonderful images come from it.

    1. Thank you! If you would like to have a picture of you added to the gallery please add one or DM me on Twitter!

  6. So amazing!

    1. Thank you.

  7. I really hope the procedure went well yesterday, Sweet!
    ~ Marie xox

    1. It went ok x

  8. I hope this block is effective! You need a break from pain! I know you’re not happy with this pic, but you look sexy in it!
    Collaredmichael recently posted…I’ll Be There With Bells On! Really!!My Profile

    1. Aww thank you, but it is actually expected not to, and so far it hasn’t.

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