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Spanked at last

J went out last night. Not something we were expecting but fortuitous as Thursday night I had asked Mr H if I could book an orgasm (or 2 or 3) for Friday and Saturday nights. Mr H of course pointed out I was greedy but he was also laughing.

Early evening I asked if he planned to play and was answered in the affirmative.

Chat night

During our chat on Wednesday Mr H asked me about oral sex, specifically what he does that I like and dislike. My toes curled and my tummy twisted as I get uncomfortable answering these questions. I don’t want to be a complainer.

I told him I mostly like what he does but I need him to make sure my head is engaged before he starts. I reminded him that in the beginning he would talk to me at the start and just those few sentences “lay still,” “don’t move,” “open your legs,” “be a good girl,” were enough to focus my attention. Focusing my attention early made me more likely climax.

I asked him if he got frustrated when I didn’t climax when that was his aim. He said sometimes yes, but he understands that it’s not always easy for me and that ideally I need to help him by telling him when I like something or want something different.

I said I’d try.


Mr H set the bed up, pulling back the covers and putting a mat down. He reminded Mr we had planned to try spanking and my pussy twitched. He sat down on the corner of the bed and put me over his knee. I love being spanked by hand. It’s intimate and it never fails to sooth me. It is something he has rarely done at home because of the loud noise and J once heard us.

He stroked my skin, and placed a hand on my back. The first spank landed. As the sting spread through that cheek, he spanked the other other. He spanked me many times, his hand on my back keeping me connected to him as my mind let go. He paused spanking and stroked my pussy, he pushed his finger into me and I sighed. Again and again he spanked and stroked me, and it was wonderful. I was well and truly in subspace very quickly.

After a while he stopped and said let’s get you into the bed. My legs were unsteady as I stood up, noticing his cock was swollen, showing he had found the spanking arousing too.


He lay me on the bed and spread my legs. He nibbled and kissed me, dragging his fingers over my skin as I lay under him. He stroked my clit and slowly inserted a finger into me. I moaned and enjoyed the sensations.

At some point (I don’t know when as I lost track of time) he got the doxy out. He turned it on and put it on me, allowing me to suck his cock, he moved the doxy and within minutes I was close to orgasm but the wand needed to be moved slightly lower. Fighting the urge to run a mile I stopped sucking his cock and said “lower.”

He lowered the doxy slightly and I fell over the edge. The orgasms rolled one after the other, I squirted and still the orgasms continued. I couldn’t tell you how many but by the time Mr H decided he wanted to cum my whole body felt like it was vibrating.


I lay afterwards completely happy. Blissed out. As I came back to reality we discussed the play (which we do) Mr H commented on my speaking up and praised me for it. I blushed and hid my face. He finds it strange that after all the years we have been together I get embarrassed by telling him what I need. Especially when telling him means he can give me a lot more pleasure and yet I do. I think, well at least I hope, he finds it adorable too.

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  1. Sounds wonderful!! Glad you had such a good time.

  2. I enjoyed reading this. it sounded wonderful.

  3. I’m so glad you had a wonderful night and that you told him what you needed!

    1. Yes, at the moment I am still getting my head around how it’s ok to ‘Tell’ or ‘give instructions to’ MrH. It’s a silly thing I know as he’s not mind reader but it still feels a little wrong.

  4. You’re such a lucky couple!

  5. This sounds wonderful! I also feel reticent sometimes asking for what I’d like, because I don’t want it to sound critical, but I think clearly the proof is in the pudding, and your experience shows that it’s a wonderful thing to be able to communicate your needs to your partner.

    Very well written, too, btw. I could really imagine the scene, and it was very sexy!

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