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Please Sir – play with me?

I struggle to ask MrH for things. Not like can I buy or can I eat, I mean sexual acts I want, and when I have chatted to other subs this seems to be a common theme.   I think there are 2 reasons for this. 1. Embarrassment or shame. 2. Fighting with the idea that I shouldn’t ask as a submissive. The second is easier to argue out. MrH tells me he’s not a mind reader, and if I don’t tell him he doesn’t know.  The first, not so easy. I’ve mentioned before that since we started this my sex drive

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Our holiday- continued.

The story so far….  (see part one) Having been stripped naked, Mr H ordered me to suck his cock maintaining eye contact (a new challenge) before sending me to the bedroom and telling me to spread my ass cheeks.  And now the conclusion… Sir had decided on some anal play, and he applied lots of lube and inserted a butt toy.. at this point I had no idea which one. It was our new toy… There is an image of it in the slideshow below. Anal treat. I was then ordered onto the bed face up. He then placed a blindfold on

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Hotel Stay

Mr H and I went away last night for some play time. Yesterday morning I received an email from him with his instructions. I was to prepare myself for all types of play. Pack toys and clothes. Buy some Bluetooth headphones. Mr H said he planned to start the evening with inspection. Preparation for play. He would be taking some photos, and doing some rope work. I would be masturbating for him, sucking his cock and being used as his fuck toy. Of course this made me somewhat excited 😊 and at 3pm I headed home from work to get

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I shared a post a few weeks ago about squirting orgasms in “Overcoming Embarrassment” and I thought I needed to write a follow up.  While I spoke in this earlier post about being embarrassed that I had wet the bed. While I have experienced these orgasms through masturbation I haven’t during play with MrH. This has prompted me to wonder… Why? I believe it’s because I’m ashamed and embarrassed. I believe I hold back frightened that MrH would be disgusted if he were covered or touched by this fluid. I fear that judgement. It terrifies me. I think this will require

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MrH has been my Dominant for 9 months now and over the last few days I have been prompted to reflect on our journey by a few other blog posts. In short it’s been wonderful. Every area of our relationship has been touched by the D/s dynamic and made stronger, more passionate, more intimate and more loving. I don’t want you to think that our relationship/marriage was in trouble, boring or lacking anything before we introduced D/s. It wasn’t. We loved each other and made love regularly. We had better than average communication. When I asked MrH to consider adding

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Overcoming … Embarrassment

This post isn’t an easy one to write. But I’m going to do it anyway. Because I think I need to. Since we started in D/s we’ve explored so much and grown so much but in other areas I struggle. One of these is talking to MrH about intimate things. Talking about my body, what I fantasize about. When I do I hide my face, I feel shame and embarrassment. And I wish I didn’t. I can write it without issue. But I’d like to get to a point where I can look at him and tell him. Anyway…. MrH

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