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The Ugly Truth

Everybody lies. There it is, plain and simple. I doubt there is a person alive who has NEVER told a lie, because I believe truth is in the eye of the beholder. I am certainly no saint when it comes to telling porkies, I told my boys Santa was real, and that they had the ‘real’ Buzz Lightyear toy. I told my share to Mr H too although this has reduced significantly since we introduced D/s to our relationship. The thing is, why did that make a difference, and why do we lie at all?

Say it loud.

I changed high school at 12 and being the new girl (and shy) is never easy. My breasts were formed and because of my home life I was extremely self conscious. I wore shirts to school that belonged to my stepfather, his uniform shirts dyed pale blue. My mum had made me a knee length high waist skirt and I was the perfect UK size 10 (size 6 US). I wore the shirt pulled out so I had a perfect silhouette that concealed my breasts. One boy constantly asked me to pull my shirt tight and show him my tits. I refused. One day I arrived at school and the girls were horrid. He was not used to a girl saying no, and rather than live with his failure, he spread the word that I had not only pulled my shirt tight, no, he had to go one step further and had told people I had opened my shirt and allowed him to touch me. No-one ever believed that it hadn’t happened. They wanted to believe the popular boy more than the shy girl. Truth had no place. I learned then, that there are times when truth will never be important, there are times when you simply need the loudest voice.

Telling the truth.

I have written before about my checkered history when it comes to faking orgasms, and the reasoning behind it. Ultimately I was the one who suffered most, as if I had been truthful I would have been having a lot more orgasms but, shame and embarrassment kept me silent. I didn’t want Mr H to feel badly and I didn’t think I should tell him what I liked. After all I should just like what he did, the romance books certainly didn’t seem to suggest any special skill was required.

But, that is not the only time I have lied from clothing purchases (I’ve had it ages) to the price of these purchases (don’t we all take 25% off?) I felt I needed to hide things for fear of facing Mr H disapproval or anger. Ridiculous really as he doesn’t often say no when I ask for things, and has never been angry. Mostly though this was learned behaviour. My mum rarely told my step dad anything. “He doesn’t need to know the details” was a common phrase uttered, and so I continued this thinking that in fact Mr H did not need or want to know the details of my day while he was at work.

I believe that quite often the instinct to lie comes from a place of insecurity. Fearing the reaction of another we conceal the truth, we hide our vulnerability behind loud words, and tall stories designed to make us appear important and confident, anything rather than admit how afraid we are of our own insignificance. Learning to be vulnerable isn’t easy, and admitting a lie is even harder.

Changing habits.

The addition of D/s and the open, frank communication that came with it, meant a change in my attitude towards these omissions. Suddenly I found I felt uncomfortable concealing things and when Mr H made it a rule that I have to ask permission to purchase non-food items I realised he did care about it. There have been lapses along the way but I have gotten much better at this as it became more normal and as a result we have more spare change in the pot. Mr H is not impulsive you see. Emotionally and sexually it took me a little longer as during the early months of our D/s Mr H only had to wink at me and I was on the edge of an orgasm, so when the frenzy died down I had to learn to voice those desires. Something I am still working on – but getting better at.

Invisible Lies.

There are other lies though, voiceless, invisible and dangerous. These lies we accept as being true so easily. They that tell us we are undeserving, ugly and unattractive. They make the sky darker and allow us to believe the negative things other people say about us. These lies are harder to unlearn especially when they were first told to you by a parent.

The harm a parent can do to a child without ever laying a hand on them is immeasurable. Self hatred, self disgust, feeling you are a burden, that you ruined a life, or were not wanted, slowly destroy the soul until you find yourself applying these feelings to all aspects of your life, and it is so difficult to replace these feelings with a certainty that you do have a place in the world after all.

Facing the truth.

I wish I could say that I have replaced these lies with a new truth, one of self acceptance and maybe even love, but that would be another lie. I managed to replace some when I became a mother, and when they were in their formative years I would tell my boys constantly how much I love them, how they are the best things in my life, and that they are perfect. They are grown now and I am proud of the people they have grown into.

My own eyes and mind are far too critical though. I took 20 pictures of myself on Sunday with the new camera. They are all deleted. All I see is an unattractive blob and I hear my mother’s voice critical and harsh. Mr H let me take some of him and these I love. The weight I have gained from this latest back problem has had a negative effect on my self image, and I am trying to be as kind to myself as I can but I am not entirely successful. The best I can do is to endeavor to see myself through Mr H’s eyes, to try and accept his truth as my own. I take his hand, and allow him to hold me close. In his arms I feel loved and safe, and for now perhaps that is all the truth I need.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. This is so true:
    “Fearing the reaction of another we conceal the truth, we hide our vulnerability behind loud words, and tall stories designed to make us appear important and confident, anything rather than admit how afraid we are of our own insignificance.”

    Something else I believe too is what you said “I believe truth is in the eye of the beholder”. I think that’s also where the phrase ‘your truth is not my truth’ comes from, because we see things differently and what rings true for one, doesn’t have to be true for the other. We all look differently at the same situation, as we all come to it with our own baggage. Great post, Sweet, and lots of things here to think about.
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Thank you ❤

  2. “There are other lies though, voiceless, invisible and dangerous. These lies we accept as being true so easily. ”
    This is so true. And somehow we know they’re there but yet they still creep up and slip through the cracks in our defenses, laying in wait.
    I struggle with this a lot too and it takes work each day. I hope it get easier for you 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you, I hope you beat them too!

  3. Those last few lines were just beautiful – and the hand image illustrates them so well.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself – u have had to endure so much plus the limbo of not being able to plan
    May x

    1. Thank you I’ll try ❤

  4. So many truths and so many layers to lies.

  5. Im glad i have read this. So many truths in there. I certainly can relate . Your amazing and shouldnt be so hard on yourself

    1. Thank you so much

  6. Posy Churchgate says:

    You’ve set this out so well Sweet, there are so many reasons we tell a lie, support a lie, believe a lie and so on. The way you’ve discussed the various aspects of veracity was wonderfully thought provoking.

    I am sorry to learn of some of the twisted truths you have had to deal with in your life. Parents in particular, as role models, have a massive responsibility – I certainly blighted one aspect of my eldest’s self perception by making a joke about their out of tune singing. Arrgh if I could take it back I would.

    I agree that we should view ourselves through the eyes of someone who loves and admires us, as MrH clearly does you – and your hand image, like your lingerie and rope tie shots, is fabulous.

    1. Thank you Posy you are so kind ❤

  7. The lies we tell ourselves are the worst. I think they eat at you even more so than the words of others. I hope that you are able to make peace with your body because I’m sure you are absolutely stunning.

    1. Thank you

  8. I am with someone who tends to conceal purchases and I never understood it. It made me furious sometimes. Not the buying itself but the lying. Why would one lie about buying shoes? But reading your account helps in understanding this.

    1. I’m glad it made sense to you

  9. very insightful and thank you for sharing your personal life. I needed to hear this

  10. Jeez that is awful Sweet. I have read about that happening to girls before but like… it actually happened to you! Fuck boys. (Some boys)

    I think you make a really valid point! Lying often does come from a place of insecurity, which is rather interesting if you think about that. It’s interesting how the D/s dynamic turned things around for you and it makes a lot of sense.

    The invisible lies are so damaging. I so know what you mean and perhaps we really all have them.

    1. Thank you ☺ I think its entirely possible that we do all have them xx

  11. […] the introduction of D/s, and he replied he felt he was lied to less which is good. I have written before how I feel badly about the lies I used to tell, but I also realised that I had purchased items […]

  12. I have many times had to remind myself to look through my Husband’s eyes when it comes to my appearance. I even had to begin seeing disrespect of myself as disrespect to Him. That helped a bit, but I get it…we can be so hard on ourselves.
    Brigit Delaney recently posted…Test postMy Profile

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