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How to get the best experience of Intimate waxing.

I’ve written before about pubic hair removal before, but given my back pain (and weight gain) I am no longer able to shave myself daily as I once did, and so I decided to brave an intimate waxing. I am by no means a virgin to a Hollywood Waxing, but I know it can be a daunting prospect, so I decided to write about the process in a bit more detail.

different waxing styles

Finding a beautician.

Intimate waxing is a specialised skill and in the UK it requires extra training. While most beauticians that offer hair removal by waxing will offer the standard bikini wax, not every beautician offers the specialist waxing which removes the hair from the labia, perineum or anal areas too, and given the required intimacy I would recommend getting to know the beautician first by having other treatments first.

Way back in 2009 when I had my first Hollywood waxing I went to a salon in Liverpool city centre that was recommended by a university lecturer, and I went with a friend who had had this done before. We laughed and giggled our way there and back, and it wasn’t too horrific but on my 3rd visit to them the wax was too hot and I didn’t speak up. My skin pealed off and I was really sore for over 2 weeks. I didn’t go back.

Pandemic over, I searched for a new beautician. I needed one with a downstairs (accessible) salon, and the lady who had been doing my brows had moved away. I found one that was not too far away and booked in for a brow waxing. This is my standard test booking, if you don’t feel comfortable getting your brows waxed you will not feel comfortable bearing your nether regions! Ideally of course you would look for recommendations from friends, but I don’t have a circle of friends to ask.

As soon as I arrived she made me feel welcome and within minutes I felt like I had known her for years. Her manner was professional, yet friendly, and she did a good job. I booked in again, this time for a lash and brow tint, and brow wax.

On the Day: Preparing for the waxing.

I spoke to my beautician before I booked in, and explained that I do find I bruise easily, but that I wanted to have all the hairs removed from down there because they bug me. She demonstrated how she uses a rose oil before she applies to wax so it doesn’t stick to the skin. She also advised me to make sure the hairs were not too long, as sometimes they can get caught into the wrong section and pull, but they mustn’t be too short either – a minimum of 3mm.

A few days before the appointment I asked Mr H to help me and he trimmed the hair to 7.5mm and on the day I showered and washed myself. I picked an old comfortable pair of panties, and wore a skirt that I could take off easily.

The Waxing.

I arrived and as usual the beautician made me feel really comfortable. She brought a towel and some baby wipes and told me I could “freshen up” if I wanted but that it wasn’t necessary, and that the towel was to cover myself once I was undressed.

She left the room while I undressed and returned when I shouted that I was ready. She started with the brow wax and then we began. Throughout the process she maintained a conversation with me so I was relaxed and not self conscious at all. When she needed me to adjust my position she gave me clear instructions and it must be said that this is a process that you are involved in.

When they are waxing the area near your leg crease, you have to hold your skin taut and if you (like me) wish to have the hairs removed from the inner labia then you have to part the lips and hold them open. I won’t lie, there are certain points that take your breath, but if your beautician is experienced they know where this is most likely and will ask you to take a deep breath and breathe out as they remove the wax. The bit that most women dread is the hairs that grow around and near the anus as you get older. Traditionally this was done by asking you to get on all fours, but for larger ladies who have to part the cheeks this has some logistical difficulties… Instead I was asked to lie on my side and separate my butt cheeks. This was much more comfortable and less humiliating!

All in all I found the experience quite enjoyable, but as I said I have built a relationship with the beautician and I love the end result. I was a little tender for about 24 hours, and of course I followed the after care (no sunbeds, saunas, hot showers/baths, exercise) which I was reminded of before I left the salon.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. Interesting post. I find the anal hairs the easiest, and the Mons the most painful. But I giggle and flood my way through intimate waxing, which can be embarrassing for the beautician if she blushes easy.

    1. I agree the mons is definitely the worst bit, and the anal hairs least painful! Thank you for reading and responding

  2. David - UK says:

    I would like to be waxed but don’t know where to start! Maybe I’ll go with the hair removal cream at home…..!

    1. Trim short first… it works by dissolving the hair so the less there is the better the result… oh and make sure you get one for sensitive skin

  3. I live in the US and we just say Bikini and Brazilian. Then the beautician simply clarifies and confirms exactly how much hair to remove (or not). I’ve never heard of all hair removal being called Hollywood. I found that interesting.

    And maybe waxing is more common here, but it is way easy to find a beautician. There are chain stores (ironically one common chain is called “European wax center”. Lol!) and most hair stylists now also do waxing too. Just different but found it interesting too.

    1. For some reason many beauticians here can be quite prudish when it comes to intimate waxing…. if it involves people taking their panties off they don’t want to do it.

  4. I can only speak for male intimate waxing, but in the last 2 or 3 years, there seem to be a lot more beauticians offering it. 10yrs ago, you had to ask “When you advertise intimate male waxing, does that include removal of pubic hair?” and it ammused me how many receptionists seemed shocked by the thought.
    I’ve been getting waxed by my current beautician for 10yrs, and we get on fantastically. We know about eachother’s families, clients, kids, schools, divorces. Just about the only thing we haven’t discussed explicitly is sex … and we’ve got pretty close sometimes.
    Like Barefoot Sub, I find the anal hairs easy, though having been getting a BCS wax for more than 20yrs, there aren’t many folicles that put up any resistance.

    1. That’s good to know

  5. This is a very intimate process that you will not trust to just anyone. I would probably feel embarrassed about that too.

    1. It is definitely something that you need to feel comfortable while it’s being done!

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