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When your mind and body rebel.

We went away on Saturday overnight to our favourite hotel and things didn’t quite go as planned. That isn’t to say that a good time wasn’t had, because it was. But my mind and body were not quite in sync, and neither was Mr H’s.

A painful body

First of all I forgot to adjust my medications and so by the time we arrived at the Hotel I was feeling it. The pain made me snippy and I criticised Mr H’s driving. I didn’t tell Mr H that I had forgotten to increase my medication until we were almost at the hotel by which time I was feeling guilty for being mean as well as not really feeling submissive.

Room change.

The second hiccup occured when we changed rooms. We were given a room on the ground floor because of the wheelchair, but the tap in the bathroom sink was broken. I telephoned reception who immediately offered us a different room. We went back to reception to sort this out but the only available room on the ground floor had twin beds. I point blank refused this room. We ended up taking a room on the first floor and so I had to walk up the stairs. Now, I can walk up stairs, I do it at home, but it is exhausting and makes my pain worse. Add to this forgetting to take the pain medication and by the time we got to the room I was not in a good place.

Anything Else?

Well it’s me so of course there was. Mr H forgot to pack lube.

Frustrated mind = uncooperative body.

Unfortunately the room change unsettled us. I made the decision to change rooms, made the complaint and decided which room to move to. This didn’t help me obtain a submissive mind set. I don’t think it helped Mr H either.

When he realised we had not got any lube I think Mr H was cross with himself and this spilled over and affected his mindset. As most of us know, when the mind is not happy our body isn’t either.

We were of course determined to push on. We were at the hotel to have some kinky fuckery and by golly we were going to have fun!

Body Bind.

Mr H set up the bed with the waterproof sheets, and the under bed restraints. I was instructed to lie down and I was secured. Mr H was careful to allow natural lubrication to build as he played me with the Doxy and I was able to climax more than once before the vibration turned painful.

A New Body Worry

I haven’t mentioned this before but we recently found out that Mr H appears to be suffering from Diastasis Recti. This is where the muscles down the centre of the abdomen separate. Pregnant women get this to allow the uterus to expand, so it is usually fixable with exercise, but first it is necessary to find out how big the separation is using an ultrasound. If the separation is large then they typically operate to bring the muscles together and use mesh to reinforce the area. It’s similar to a hernia repair. We are waiting for the ultrasound appointment.

So, at the moment if Mr H is in specific positions or puts these muscles under stress it looks like he has an alien about to burst out of his tummy and understandably this is distracting and worrying. I mean imagine looking down your body during sex and seeing this?

Male body showing diastasis recti
stomach bulge from diastasis recti

This image is not of Mr H but is similar and the other common indicator of this condition is where it appears as if you have a beer belly only you don’t drink. Mr H doesn’t drink, but he has noticed what he has called his Dad Bod, and he’s blamed it on being sat down all day, it now seems likely that some of this rounding is the muscles separating.

Not today Mate

Where was I? Right, so Mr H looks down and sees this lump and it affects his body. I think it would most people. He is already under pressure to be Dominant, to lead the play and try to put aside his worries about me and the pain I am in. Again although his body was a little reluctant to play ball, he persevered and play ended when he came in my mouth, with me kneeling in front of him.

We win?

In our cases we battled against our bodies and managed to have fun, the cost of this has been four days of exhaustion for me, and a sore pussy. Of course lessons have been learned, and more lube has been purchased so we will never forget it again!

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


grayscale photography of body swishing mesh veil
Photo by Fillipe Gomes on Pexels.com

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  1. Le Loup says:

    Sweetgirl your posts are so raw and honest. Firstly, I am gutted to hear of the pain and distress yourself and MrH are going through. I am new to your story but it still upsets me as you both seem genuinely lovely.

    That said… to k.on the two of you, what an inspiration and testament to this lifestyle truly having no boundaries and you not stopping from loving. You guys rock!!

    1. Thank you

  2. I love reading these real life posts! Thank you for sharing, Sweetgirl! Coming home being THAT kind of sore is never a bad thing 🙂

    1. Thank you

  3. Sorry to hear things have been difficult in the hotel, but I admire both your ability to bounce back and still have fun. I hope MrH’s condition is not too serious!
    ~ Marie xox

    1. It shouldn’t be, it’s just yet another thing to overcome!

  4. But your persevered! I’m not sure I could have. You both put your relationship first and put in the time and effort. That is commendable.

    1. Thank you could also be described as stubborn

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