Sex reconnects us

I feel like there hasn’t been much sex in my blog lately. Well I know there hasn’t. Our fabulous life that I imagined when the children had flown the nest hasn’t materialised yet, in fact, our dynamic feels like it is in need of a kick up the arse. In many ways I have not felt this distant from myself, my submission and Mr H in quite some time.

Play time.

We haven’t had a good reset in Months. One thing or another has meant we haven’t been to our hotel since April and boy is it noticable.

Night time cuddles have become less frequent. Mr H watches videos, checks twitter or Facebook and remains clothed. He is too warm for me to cuddle up to when he is clothed. As a result I watch TV, close my eyes, check for new blog posts, check Twitter, chat online or write a blog post of my own.

The stress of work has disturbed my sleep and I am missing J. I am overwrought and emotional. Mr H is trying to adjust, he has added extra impact play which does settle my mind, but not for long. Sex is the thing which really helps to bind me to him, without the physical sexual connection, the emotional connection drifts.

Sex reconnects us

We aren’t finding it easy to break the routine and we have to be able to behave at home the way we can at a hotel. We have to find a way of having sex and playing during the day because we certainly won’t be going to a hotel any time soon. The intense togetherness of a hotel stay that has served as a way to recharge, reset and reconnect when things have drifted or waned.

The sex on these weekends is drawn out.  Over a couple of hours Mr H plays and toys with me.  He pushes my body past it’s normal limits.  On these days we will do a number of different activities and each one pushes my mind and body to a point where I become oblivious to the outside world.  Right now I am craving that oblivion, I want the world to go away.

Sweetgirl x

Sweet Autumn Rose  


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  1. Then get to that hotel!!!! And soon!!

    1. Totally agree with making the time to reconnect. Not just sex, doing something different to break the cycle

  2. We find that sex reconnects is as well. So we try so very hard to find some quality time every two or three weeks. We have sex more often than that but kids are usually around. That time when you can totally relax with each other is so important!!

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