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A Blow Job

A blow job.

It isn’t often Mr H tells me to give him a blow job but it is something I find highly enjoyable. I think my favourite way is when he kneels me in front of him and as well as allowing me to pleasure him, he can also take charge and use my mouth to fuck me. There’s something, don’t ask me what, that really turns me on, when I kneel in front of him. Having his cock my my mouth too is awesome, ticks another box. Having him old my head and pump his cock in and out of my

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flower power

Flower Power (Satisfyer Review)

If you are a regular follower you will know I got a box of goodies from Satisfyer to play with and review. As you can see they are very generous! I have already reviewed the Charming Smiles as a guest blogger for the wonderful Eve Adler and the Satisfyer Multifunction (the pink one) as a guest blogger for Purplesole and LittleGem. I was impressed with the quality of the toys as well as the design and waterproof nature of their products. Anyway, let’s get to the nitty gritty. The Flower Power Vibrator. I can’t fault this company’s branding. Their packaging

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When I first heard this song by Darren Hayes I was captivated.  It’s so damn sexy.  It’s my favourite song to listen to when I masturbate or during sex, and most of the time, it brings a happy ending- if you get my drift! I feel that the lyrics are sensual, and throughout the verse you feel the tension build, the desperation, and finally the chorus flows into a climax. Here are the lyrics incase you want to sing along 😁… When moonlight crawls along the streetChasing away the summer heatFootsteps outside somewhere belowThe world revolves I let it goWe

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wank bank

One for the wank bank

A wank bank refers to a selection of images that are regularly used for visual stimuli during masterbation. Mr H often refers to some of the pictures we take as being ‘one for the wank bank’ which never fails to make me smile. I mean who wouldn’t be happy to know that their husband finds them to be arousing and sexy? The following is a conversation that happened a few days ago between Mr H and myself, which resulted in one such picture. One for the Wank Bank. “Sir, my little nub is needy.”  He looked at me puzzled. “You know,”

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Try it

Over the last few years we have bought and tried a number of sex toys, quite a few of them are vibrators. Usually MrH tells me to try it out alone to see how I like it. It gives me the opportunity to experiment without worrying about being watched. The thing is, I think I’d like that to be different. There is part of me that wants MrH to be there. I want MrH to learn how I try them out. I want him to know how I press them to my body or position them. There is part of

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I wish I could change

What do you love most (and/or wish you could change) about your sex life as it appears today? Why do you love it (or why/how would you change it)? I love… I love how close we are. I love how, over the last few years, particularly since adding D/s we have made more time for us as a couple. I love how we I have found the courage to ask for things that turn me on, and to tell MrH what he can do or does do that gets me to orgasm. I love that I have orgasms, many, many,

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Spanked at last

S2 went out last night. Not something we were expecting but fortuitous as Thursday night I had asked MrH if I could book an orgasm (or 2 or 3) for Friday and Saturday nights. MrH of course pointed out I was greedy but he was also laughing. Early evening I asked if he planned to play and was answered in the affirmative. Chat night During our chat on Wednesday MrH asked me about oral sex, specifically what he does that I like and dislike. My toes curled and my tummy twisted as I get uncomfortable answering these questions. I don’t

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Get a toy out if you want

Last night MrH played with me. He enjoys performing oral on me and although he has initially told me I could touch him, as I tied my hair up he changed his mind.  He spread my legs and began.  Unfortunately it didn’t go well. I was lied awkwardly. I have a body pillow, it keeps me comfortable at night. I was half on half off the pillow, laid at an angle. I should have spoken up.The TV was still on. The noise was distracting. I put my hands over my ears trying to drown it out- unsuccessfully. I did speak up. Eventually. Not soon

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The guide to me

I placed the letter into the envelope on the side of his bed. He had told me to write him a list of instructions, a step by step guide to a fantasy we had yet to try, so it had to contain something new… I hoped I had succeeded. I had tried to be creative and rather than keep repeating the instruction “I want you to” I had simply placed a dot dot dot in front of each instruction. I hoped he would understand. Several hours later he appeared in the kitchen, note in hand and said “Let’s get started,

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What am I going to do with you now?

On Wednesday’s we have our maintenance session.  We don’t have the TV on, instead we have one evening where we talk.  There are no distractions and we talk about our week, our dynamic and what’s going well and what’s perhaps in need of discussion. I have a notes app on my phone and I usually have a couple of things in my list to talk about.  This week it was “re-negotiating the Rules” and also “talking during play”. The rules MrH further defines our rules earlier this year, making them clearer and more specific. I had been reviewing them and

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